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Construction and Building Trade
Specialists build on specialists’ expertise.

Construction and building is always a vital sector of the economy, and one to which we give high priority and recognise this as a very specific translation field. Thanks to our wide previous experience, such as in translating international building investment documentation, Loquax is an excellent construction translation service provider. By cooperating with Loquax you can be assured that our translators and consultants are, technically and linguistically speaking, as advanced and expert as you are.

We're aware of the safety & financial importance of accuracy and relevance in the final version of the material to be used onsite, and the responsibilities we all carry with professional pride

Our experience includes

Air-conditioning systems translationsAir-conditioning systems
Architecture translationsArchitecture
Civil engineering translationsCivil engineering
Defensive construction translationsDefence & defensive construction
Housing construction  translationsHousing construction
Industrial construction  translationsIndustrial construction
Material production translationsMaterial production
Monument renovation  translationsResidential & Monument renovation
Public works construction translationsPublic works construction
Railway construction translationsRailway construction
Sanitary construction translationsSanitary construction
Soil testing translationsSoil testing
Wiring translationsWiring

By cooperating with Loquax you can be absolutely sure that all of your materials translated by us will be of the highest value, both for technical content - accuracy & terminology and language – style & local acceptability

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
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