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Computer technology and information science
Global communication in the information era!

Information technology is still the most popular & fastest-growing “ology”. Whether in the academic theoretical & practical training by schools, colleges & universities, or the hard world of industry, commerce or administration, a vast amount of information is being generated in an ever-growing number of languages – in the IT and linguistic sense. This information increasingly needs translation and localisation. LOQUAX is at the cutting edge of this tidal wave of progress – and we also have the resources to create the translated material

We offer our full range of resources in every category of the science

Theoretical backround
Foundations of digital machine construction
Theory of operating systems
Mathematical statistics
Theory of case study research
Formal logic
etc. etc.

Practical & industrial production
Peripheral devices
Information systems construction and application
Software production
etc. etc.

When working closely with us you can be totally sure that, whatever programming or linguistic language we work in, all your material processed by us will be of great value – in content, meaning, accuracy , format & presentation - and will be a credit to the work and reputation of your Company and yourself

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
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